Our commitment to
Ethical Sourcing


The AXIAN group, a committed partner in local and regional development across Africa, invests in long-term improvements to sectors that are crucial to socio-economic development.

The AXIAN group offers all suppliers, producers or service providers the opportunity to work together and grow together through partnerships that are built on transparency and innovation; to form winning partnerships that work to give our communities and our clients the latest products and services.

This platform is intended to facilitate dialogue and engagement between suppliers and the AXIAN group, and will allow:

  • New suppliers to submit letters of interest to the AXIAN group.
  • Suppliers who are already approved and working for the AXIAN group to interact with AXIAN and its subsidiaries for:
    • Participation in calls-to-tender.
    • Follow-up on purchase orders received.
    • Sending invoices and other billing.
    • Updates to their tax documentation.
    • Reception of any communications sent by the AXIAN group.

The AXIAN group´s suppliers must also acknowledge and observe the supplier´s code of conduct (link below)